Welcome back to the whole new XboxMAD website. Just in time for the release of a new generation of Xbox gaming. Two new consoles in the form of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Xbox on PC and the evolution of cloud gaming with Project X-Cloud rolling out over Android and eventually IOS mobile devices.

In the last few months I think the current global situation led many of us from the old XboxMAD original team to ponder on our thoughts of could we, or even should we get together again and dust off the hat to bring back XboxMAD. Myself, Jack, Bezz, Banzie, Villz and Andy, along with Ami and conversations with a whole host of others decide to take the plunge and get back to what we love doing….playing games and sharing our experiences with you guys.

Now to temper expectations from the off we are not here to emulate the day in day out, hour on hour news site that Jez and the others managed to achieve with the old XBM before it changed to ICXM. We are regular gamer’s with jobs, families, commitments and limited time. We cannot commit to the full on aspect required to bring you up to date news, but here is what we plan to do…

So with the website it will be more like a blog, packed with opinion pieces, reviews and hands on thoughts. If there is a bit of news we feel like sharing or talking about expect that as well. We want to bring our own opinions and experiences to become the core element of this website. Average day to day gamers, part of the Xbox community…not paid journalists. We will in no way acknowledge or develop articles that relate to a ‘Console War’. That was a key mission statement in the formation of the original XboxMAD, and it is one we want to carry forward. We after all have one thing in common with all gamers whatever platform they play on…our love of games.

The YouTube channel will be home to our new podcast, The MADcast where we discuss everything Xbox, gaming along with some other fun subjects. Gameplay, reviews and our recorded Twitch Streams will also be uploaded, along with other projects we want to bring to that platform.

Talking of Twitch Streaming….if you follow our Host Channel XboxMAD Gaming you will see me (Pondy) along with Jack at JacksPlayingGames, Bezz (BezzJunior), Banzie (Unabanzie) and Ami (Percipiglet) playing across a wide variety of games and just having a laugh. (And failing most times). Jack has also just become a Twitch Affiliate which was a nice bonus going into the re-launch of XboxMAD.

Massive thanks to Banzie for putting up with me and my demands. He is our website wizard, and we all do his head in but i think secretly he loves the attention. He also writes some kick ass tunes so check out his Spotify.

Lastly a big thanks to Jez Cordon for letting me pick the XboxMAD brand back up and continue its legacy in my own way. Check him out at Windows Central. Daz and the boys from @XBM_Network have been our tag team partners since the dawn of time and I would personally like to thank them for their continued support, absolute legends go give them a follow on twitter.

You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Discord and Tik Tok. We cannot wait to enter this new generation with you…fellow gamers.